Discover How Understanding Your Customers Can Increase Your Sales & Your Profits Without Increasing Your Ad Spend
Avatar Workshop – 30th April & 1st May 2019, Warwick Conferences

Dale Allen,
"Wow! Your workshop has shone a light on a hard truth...I've built my business and products around an assumption, rather than what my customers really need. I'm going to use your wonderful teachings to build an awesome customer focused business. From 7 to 8 figures, here I come!"
About The Avatar Workshop
Discover how getting inside the mind of your potential customers can easily double or even triple your sales without increasing your ad spend!

By understanding what makes your audience tick, you'll be able to create customer specific ad campaigns, marketing funnels and unique customer journeys based on their needs.

Here’s Why You’ll Love This Workshop:

  • Attract high-quality customers and clients into your business
  • Figure out where to find and connect with your ideal customers
  • Increase your sales and profits without increasing your ad spend 
  •  Get clarity on your marketing message 
  •  Understand how to create powerful marketing campaigns that convert
  •  Create greater engagement and trust with your prospects and customers
  •  Finally stop wasting money on marketing campaigns that fail to convert!
This is your complete marketing roadmap which is going to give you the clarity you need around all of your marketing. 

You’ll stop wasting time and money on ads and campaigns that target the wrong people and fail to convert.

Here's what you'll learn on this 2-day workshop:

Day One:
  • Mind-Hack Method – Get into the mind of your potential customers by understanding the psychology of buying behaviour such as objections, motivations, desires, fears and beliefs. 
  •  Create emotionally driven and powerful campaigns that connect with your prospects and dramatically improve sales
  •  Learn how to build out your avatar and persona profiles 
  •  Find out the deeper, psychological reasons of what motivates your prospects to buy
Day Two: 
  • Continual Sales Loop - Learn more than a dozen different ways in which you can sell the same product or service to your audience without irritating your list or burning it out
  •  Perpetual Profit System - From your ads to your sales funnels, your content to social media, you'll learn how to use your avatar information to create a powerful system that continuously converts and makes you money even while you sleep!
  •  Create compelling content that resonates with your ideal audience to help position you as an expert 
As a special bonus, you'll get access to the video version of the course PLUS a 30 minute private Skype consultation after the workshop is over. 

The workshop will take place on the 30th April and 1st of May 2019 at Warwick Conferences. 

A hot lunch and refreshments will be provided. Dinner will also be provided on day one.

Here's What Previous Attendees Have Said:
Get Clarity In Your Marketing...
This workshop is going to give you everything you need to successfully create your marketing campaigns, content marketing, sales funnels and everything else in between!

You'll leave this workshop with a complete blueprint for all of your marketing. Plus, you'll understand how to translate everything into action so you can confidently execute everything you learn in your business. 

In short, you'll have everything you need for greater customer engagement, more qualified leads and sales and ultimately more profit.

Simply click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below to learn more and secure your place on the workshop.

Just ONE campaign you create using the information from these two days can easily recover the cost of this workshop and then some!

The Avatar workshop takes place on the 30th April & 1st of May 2019.

Don't forget! As a special bonus, you'll get access to the video version of the course PLUS a 30 minute private Skype consultation after the workshop is over. 

Please note: There are only 10 spaces available - so apply now to avoid disappointment! 

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Meet Your Instructor

Arfa Saira Iqbal - Direct Response Copywriter & Digital Marketing Consultant

Arfa is an award-winning copywriter, digital marketer and published author who specializes in helping business owners increase their sales and revenue by converting more clicks to customers.

She has almost 9 years of experience in creating sales funnels and pre-selling mastery – skills which hinge heavily on being able to understand how customers think.

Arfa has collectively made her clients more than 7 figures and has sold products and services across a wide range of industries both online and offline.

In this two-day workshop, Arfa shares her signature ‘Mind Hack Marketing Method’ which is the exact process she uses to create powerful marketing campaigns and sales funnels for her private clients.
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